Step 1: Account Holder Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Retype Email Address:
Street Address :
State or Province:
Postal / ZIP Code:
Telephone Number (Home):
Telephone Number (Office):
Fax Number (Optional):
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Step 2: Personal & Employment Information
U.S. Customers: Social Security (or Tax ID) Number:
Customers outside the U.S.: Passport or government issued ID number.
Date of Birth:(MM/DD/YYYY)
Employment Status:
Employer Name:
Length of Employment (Years):
Nature of Business:
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Step 3: Financial Profile
What is your total estimated annual income?: (in US dollars) 年收入,美元计
What is your total net worth?:
Principal bank name:
Bank Address:
Bank Telephone:
Will any other person(s) guarantee, or have financial interest in this account?
No Yes, please list:
Have you ever declared bankruptcy?
No Yes, provide the date and details:
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Step 4: FXTrade Account Details
User Name:
Password Question: Please enter a short question that only you know the answer to.
Question: (example: Where was I born?)
Primary Currency: (选择你要入金的货币类型)
Select the leverage for your account: (杠杆倍数,建议选择50:1,即50倍杠杆)
*Note: While you must choose a leverage to open an OANDA account, the value you choose applies only to your FXTrade transactions; it does not affect your FXGlobalTransfer activity.
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Step 5: Your Profile (这里其实随便填写就可以了)
Do you trade online? 是否有过在线外汇投资经验
Your Experience
   Trading Securities Years. 证券交易经验多少年
   Trading Equity Options Years. 期权交易经验多少年
   Trading Commodities Years. 商品交易经验多少年
   Trading Futures Years. 期货交易经验多少年
   Trading Currencies Years. 外汇交易经验多少年
Your Technology
   Internet Connection 上网宽带类型
   Computer System 电脑和操作系统
Are you or any person having an interest in this account a member or employee of any commodity or stock exchange or regulatory organization?
No Yes, please list:
Are you an employee or otherwise affilated with any securities or commodity brokerage firm?
No Yes, please list:
Do you operate as a commodity pool or intermediary accepting funds from others?
No Yes, please specify:
Are you: (i) a bank located outside of the U.S., (ii) a U.S. bank branch located outside of the U.S., (iii) a non-U.S. securities broker-dealer, futures commission merchant, introducing broker or mutual fund, or (iv) a non-U.S. foreign currency dealer or exchanger or money transmitter?
No Yes, please specify:
Do you have or have you ever had any other account(s) with OANDA?
No Yes, please list:
Trading Objectives 交易目的

I hereby attest and certify the above information is complete and accurate. I hereby authorize OANDA to verify any or all of the information.
Do you agree to these terms? 确定无误就打勾
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Step 6: FXGlobalTransfer(这是OANDA提供的汇款功能,可以给任何国家任何帐户汇款)
Enable FXGlobalTransfer? 是否开通FXGlobalTransfer功能 为了资金安全,推荐选否,需要时候还可以开通的
What is your primary reason for using FXGlobalTransfer?
To which country do you anticipate sending the most funds?
How many transfers do you expect to make annually?
How much (in your home currency) do you expect to transfer annually?
How did you hear about FXGlobalTransfer  
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